Financial Reporting and COVID-19: How Rachel Katherine Daddesio Maintains Excellent Customer Service During a Pandemic

Since the beginning of her career, Rachel Katherine Daddesio has always been up for a challenge. After all, financial reporting and internal audits aren’t exactly easy tasks. Still, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached the Montgomery community, Rachel knew she was facing her biggest career challenge yet. The pandemic took the world by surprise, and Rachel, like everyone else, had to adjust to what many people now call the “new normal.” Still, Rachel Katherine Daddesio insists on excellent customer service, and she refuses to lower her standards

Rachel Katherine Daddesio (29)

Customer Care Matters More than Ever, Explains Rachel Katherine Daddesio

Customer care has always stayed at the top of Rachel Katherine Daddesio’s priority list. In light of the pandemic, however, she’s added more considerations to her approach. For one thing, as Rachel explains, it’s important for clients to understand that their safety matters during these times. “It takes a lot of flexibility,” Rachel says, “but whether it’s moving communication online or taking extra precautions when we meet in person, the important thing is that the client knows you care about their wellbeing.” 


Speaking of flexibility, Rachel Katherine Daddesio brings plenty of that into the mix, too. As researchers learn more about the pandemic, business practices must evolve. For example, clients may have some new expenses for employee health and safety. As part of her job, Rachel helps her clients find the best practices for fitting these new expenses into their financial plans. 


“You’ll Definitely Want Someone with a lot of Experience,” Says Rachel Katherine Daddesio

Of course, some of those aforementioned business changes can complicate things. Some clients have to take more precautions than others. For some of Rachel’s clients, the new changes amount to little more than hand sanitizer and social distancing stickers. Others, however, have made bigger changes. As Rachel Katherine Daddesio explains, some businesses have had to adjust their entire business plans. For instance, some have altered their business hours or moved everything online


These big changes come with big financial reporting needs. Rachel’s advice? Make sure that your auditors and financial reporters have a lot of experience. Financial reporting is challenging enough under regular circumstances. Add a pandemic into the mix, and company finances can face absolute chaos. By hiring a highly experienced financial reporter like Rachel Katherine Daddesio, companies can meet these new challenges head-on. 


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In times of uncertainty, financial reporters must have all of the qualities that Rachel Katherine Daddesio brings to the table: excellent planning skills, a goal-oriented approach, and a commitment to the best customer care. If you’d like to learn more about Rachel Daddesio and her CPA services, you can visit her LinkedIn profile for more information.

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