CPA Rachel Katherine Daddesio Discusses Several Ways to Boost Your Accounting Business’ Momentum Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

CPA Rachel Katherine Daddesio recently discussed several ways to boost your accounting business’ momentum amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Montgomery, TX / Businesses small and large around the country have taken major hits due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is especially true for businesses in the financial sector, such as accounting and financial management consulting firms. However, financial experts like Rachel Katherine Daddesio explain that your business doesn’t have to lose all of that momentum it was gaining before the pandemic hit. Rachel Daddesio recently shared several ways to boost your business’ momentum in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

“The first step is to take control of your business,” Rachel Katherine Daddesio said. “This is not a time to sit back and be fearful. CPA firms need leaders who have high aspirations and act in decisive manners.”

Rachel Katherine Daddesio explained that simply making small adjustments to tackle major challenges will not suffice. Big disruptions to the economy and state of a financial business warrant larger changes. She cited the consulting experts at McKinsey & Company, who stated research has shown that businesses investing when valuations are low tend to see higher rewards than businesses failing to invest.

“Financial difficulty often leads to marketing cuts, but companies looking to gain momentum should do the opposite,” Rachel Katherine Daddesio said. “Now is a time to ramp up your digital marketing, whether you’re using in-house or outside help. Refresh your website, give your social media a boost, and focus on your search engine rankings. This is what will generate recognition and leads, giving your businesses the momentum it needs to succeed now and in the future.”

Rachel Katherine Daddesio added that now is also the time to improve other technologies if your business has been lacking. She explained the importance of creating client-only portals that are easy to understand and convenient for clients to access. Rachel Daddesio added that firms should be advising their clients in online and video formats. She added that chatbot technology can greatly enhance client services and prove that your firm is continuing to advance during a global crisis.

“Now is the time to take advantage of available technologies and advance our systems,” Rachel Katherine Daddesio said. “It is inevitable that firms will be accomplishing far more online in the future. This is partially due to the pandemic and also due to continuously advancing technologies. Now, we have the time to make these adjustments, and they are practically guaranteed to draw more leads.”

Rachel Katherine Daddesio explained that now, more than ever, clients are seeking safe and convenient interactions with firms. This means it’s time to focus on advancing communication technology, improving digital marketing, boosting social media efforts, and ensuring your business is seen as one that will thrive throughout this pandemic and for years to come.

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